safe_imageYukako Matsui

Calligrapher, born in Tokyo.
At age six, began a 20­ year study of calligraphy at the “Bokka Shodo Kenkyukai” association.In 2010, created her own calligraphy course, “Atelier Shodo.” In 2013, participated, together with an artist specializing in vegetable dyes, in a group of artists working at Atelier Koshino. In 2014, this group created the commercial website Sogensha . Currently teaches regular courses in calligraphy at Atelier Haco (Nishi­Ogikubo, Tokyo), at Institut français du Japon-Tokyo (Iidabashi, Tokyo), at the TUMUGU (Aoyama, Tokyo), and in private lessons.
In addition, created cover art and illustrations for three books published in France by Flammarion and Corridor Bleu; designed various logos and titles; collaborated on typographical works and an edition of cards.


⁃ September 2016, Exhibition de la calligraphie­ with students, University Paris 13 (Bobigny)
⁃ June 2015, Exhibition de la calligraphie­ TUMUGU (Aoyama, Tokyo)
⁃ April 2015, “Exhibition de la calligraphie Atelier Shodo” ­ Atelier Haco (Nishi­Ogikubo, Tokyo)
⁃ October 2014, group show ­ Galerie Pause (Ichigaya, Tokyo)
⁃ December 2013, “Literature and Calligraphy” ­ Galerie NIW (Edogawabashi, Tokyo)
⁃ November – December 2013, “Takatori Yaki” ­ Galerie Yakimono (Paris)
– June 2013, “Shitsurae” ­ Galerie Yakimono (Paris)
– June 2012 and 2013, participation in Chasampo ­ Atelier Haco (Nishi­Ogikubo, Tokyo)


-October 2016, Percormance with Marie Drouet, Silent Café (Tokyo, Mitaka)
-September 2016, Performance with Thierry Waziniak, Horloge (Tracy)
-September 2016, Performance – Realize Tokonoma, Cyclone le sutudio (Paris)
-September 2016, Demenstration, University Paris 13 (Bobigny)